Frank Miller to direct Buck Rogers!? No!

by Joey Paur

This is just unacceptable! Frank Millers 'The Spirit' is getting nothing but bad reviews and being called one of the worst movies ever made, and here these producers from Oddlot Entertainment that are handing him the keys to a classic car and he doesn't even know how to drive.  THR reports:

Miller will write and direct his own big-screen take on the comic serial; while the creator has only begun to sketch ideas, it's expected to be a darker take, with many of Miller's signature visual elements and themes, such as corruption and redemption.

It's likely to be a priority project for Miller, though he has been mulling a "Sin City" sequel.

One of the first pop-culture vehicles to tackle the issue of space exploration, the story of Buck Rogers began life as a comic serial in the late 1920's and early '30's and has seen numerous film and television versions over the years.

Well, it is obvious he is just really good friends with the producers of the movie, its like they just don't care that the movie is going to blow. The fact is Frank Miller is not a good director and now money is going to be wasted on another crappy film. But the thing is... it will make money anyway because it is Buck Rogers and they will market the shit out of it like they did with 'The Spirit'. This news sucks.

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