Featurette to the most Insane Spaghetti Western Ever?

by Joey Paur

Alejandro Jodorowsky is currently directing a film called 'King Shot'. I didn't know much about it until now but this film just looks over the top crazy. It is being described as a metaphysical spaghetti western with gangsters. The movie stars Nick Nolte and Mickey Rourke, can you imagine these two guys teaming up?! Good lord.

There is a featurette that has popped on youtube that reveals lots of pre-production art and design. Some crazy things that you are going to see include: Osttriches pulling a golf cart that holds a huge gun, you don't want to forget the Zombie Pope, or the the massively giant Christ head that may be a temple of some sort.

What in the hell is this movie about!? It will be incredibly crazy to see this thing fully realized. The director has this vision that every young person will want to see this film, and that it will be a huge commercial success. I really hope so.

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