Rome Star Kevin McKidd still in the running to play The Mighty Thor?

by Joey Paur

Good lord, I hope they cast him! That would be a great casting choice! From Rome to Asgard. With Kenneth Branagh directing and Kevin Mckidd staring, it just seems like a perfect match-up! He has got the voice and the look. This rumor started up last year, but it looks like it could actually happen. IGN caught up Mckidd at the premiere for 'Punisher; War Zone' where he was supporting his Rome co-star Ray Stevenson and he said there has been "a lot of back and forth" on weather or not he is really going to star in Marvels 'Thor'.

I say stop the back and forth thing and cast the damn guy! At least the wheels are in motion. Now it's going to be hard for me to imagine anyone else playing the role of Thor, son of Odin. I wonder who else Marvel is looking at. What do you think about McKidd playing Thor?



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