Forbidden Planet will be a Trilogy! Details have Emerged

by Joey Paur

We reported not to long ago that the 1956 sci-fi classic 'Forbidden Planet' was going to get a face lift. Well, new details have emerged. One of them is that James Cameron is looking into the project as a potential directing gig for him. Apparently he loved the current draft of the script.

The current draft that is floating around right now is actually a Prequel to the 1956 version of the movie! As it turns out J. Michael Straczynski is planning to turn 'Forbidden Planet' into a trilogy of films! I think that is pretty cool.

The prologue to the script contains the following: Two ships traveled to Altair 4, a planet orbiting a star 16.7 light years from Earth. The first ship, the Bellerophon, came to explore that world. The humans on board encountered the relics of the Krell civilization for the first time and exhumed their dangerous past. The Bellerophon was never heard from again. Twenty years later, a second ship, a C-57D Starcruiser, came to investigate the dissapearance of the Bellerophon and her crew.

The original 1956 Forbidden Planet told the tale of the second ship. What Straczynski's draft is about is the never-before revealed tale of the first ship, the Bellerophon.

As for the trilogy here is what Straczynski wants to do, if the first film turns out to be successful. 


  • Movie One tells the story of the original ship that came to Altair 4.

  • Movie Two tells the story of the search for the Krell by the captain of the Bellerophon and his Diana continues to grow into something profoundly other-wordly. The search takes them beyond the limits of known space into other dimensions, passing from what's known into what's not.

  • Movie Three tells the story of the second ship to arrive at Altair 4 to investigate what happened to the Bellerophon. They discover Morbius and his "daughter," who is desperate to get off the planet and out into the rest of the universe, where her power would nearly be god-like...a fate we are spared when Morbius sacrifices his life to keep her there and eliminate the Krell homeworld once and for all.


Latinoreview who broke the news says:

Straczynski personally states in the last paragraph that what is cool about this new movie is that events shown completely change the meaning of the original Forbidden Planet without changing a frame of film. Altaira's attempt to seduce or inveigle the crew comes across as manipulative, using them to get off the planet. Straczynski also states that this has value to geeks of which he is one.

I don't know about you but this sounds great! You all know I am not a big fan of remakes but if they are done well then they are done well. I like where they are going with the story. On top of that it seems more like they are building onto the original story. Am I justifying the fact that this movie is being remade because it seems really exciting? Can you imagine who awesome it would be if James Cameron ended up directing it?


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