Will Dana Barretts son Oscar find a place in Ghostbusters 3

by Joey Paur

This is an interesting concept, I never thought of Dana Barretts son Oscar growing up to be a potential Ghostbuster but that makes complete sense in my mind. I think they should roll with that idea.

As you know the last few months there has been a great deal of talk regarding a Ghostbusters 3 movie. I was closed to the idea at first but now that everyone from the original seems to be getting involved I am much more open to the idea and an excitement for the film is slowly growing within me. MTV recently talked to Signourney Weaver about the all this talk of Ghostbusters 3 and here is what she says:

"I've heard about it, I'm supposed to get in touch with Bill [Murray] next week."


"Does he think we got married or something?" she laughed. Weaver wasn't sure if there was a place for her in the story but she did think someone deserves a spot. "I would hope that my little Oscar would be one of the Ghostbusters even if I'm not in it!"

Both Dana and Oscar need to be a part of this film. Oscar may be the key to bringing it all together. All I have to say is at least they are not remaking the movie. It will be good to see where all our favorite characters are in life.


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