Mickey Rourke not interested in doing Sin City 2

by Joey Paur


Last week we reported that the script for Sin City 2 was complete and that Frank Miller was hoping to start shooting in April. I think the first 'Sin City' and 'Once Upon a Time in Mexico' gave Mickey Rourkes acting a career a new life, but it doesn't sound like he is to interest in coming back for the sequel. He recently told the press when asked about it:

"No, I'm not interested in that right now. That's not a reality right now. It's pissing in the wind," Rourke admitted. "There's different factions going different directions there. I don't know. That's three hours of make up and I'm claustrophobic, so I'm going to have to work something out."

I don't know what he means by working something out, but he isn't really to excited about it. I'm not sure how much of apart Marv would play in the sequel anyway. I don't think any of the stories featured him but he was always kind of in the background. If Robert Rodriguez is not involved I can see no insentive for him coming back.

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