'New Moon' could be Directed by Chris Weitz

by Joey Paur

Since Summit let Catherine Hardwicke go from the 'Twilight' franchise the question remains, who will take on the role of director for the sequels? It looks like Summit has put and offer out to director Chris Weitz. Who is he you ask? He wrote and directed films such as 'About a Boy' and 'The Golden Compass'. I guess Summit Entertainment really liked the look of 'The Golden Compass' even though it made no money, and I agree it did have a nice look to it. He also produced films such as 'American Pie', and 'Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist'. Deadline Hollywood got the low down:

I don't have official confirmation yet that this Twilight sequel offer has gone out to Weitz. But my insider says another reason it came down is because Weitz and Summit's president of production Eric Feig are longtime pals. The source tells me Weitz is "still considering" the offer to helm New Moon and possibly also Eclipse if the sequel and threequel movie adaptations of Stephenie Meyer's series of vampire books are made back-to-back.

Honestly I really don't care who directs 'New Moon' or 'Eclipse' I still have not seen Twilgiht yet. But, it would be a good move for Weitz because it could open up opportunities to get some of his other film projects off the ground like Michael Moorcock's 'Elric'. From what I have been hearing Edward is not in 'New Moon' that much and because he is such a heart throb with the twilighters they want him in the sequel a lot more, so chances are they are going to re-write the sequel to fit Edward in it more. I wonder if that will piss the fans of the book off and drive them away. Probably not, but I am sure they will complain if they don't like it.

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