Watchmen Comic-Con Trailer stills

by Joey Paur

Venkman here with some more pics from the upcoming Watchmen movie that is just going to be extremely awesome! iTunes recently put the Watchmen footage that was shown at Comic-Con up as a free download. That footage was some of the best I have seen out of everything that has been released. I went ahead and did a little break down of that trailer of scenes that some people may have overlooked and scenes that have not been featured in any of the other trailers released. 

This is going to be one hell of a great looking movie, and I am confident that Zack Snyder nailed the story the best way he could. I think the majority of 'Watchmen' fans are going to be happy with the outcome of the film.

Those Minutemen costumes and styles are great!

Fake Richard Nixon looking all serious.

Giant Dr. Manhattan.

Comedian taking a swing at the girl yelling in his face. He knocks her right the F out.

Look on the left in the pic, you will notice a ribcage and various other body parts.

Dr. Manhattan's giant hand.