Dr. Venkman's - Iron Man Review

by Joey Paur

Iron ManSo the other day I got a call from a friend asking me if I want to go see a private screening for Iron Man, so without asking my wife for permission I said yes. A daring move I know, but its Iron Man!


Just so you know there will be no major spoilers in this review.


This is the first in a long line of great summer movies. I have to say the bar has been set really high. I hope the other movies can reach the standard it set, but it may be hard. This is one of the best comic book movies I have seen. Definitely the best movie I have seen this year by far. It has a strong story which is the backbone of any film, the dialogue was great, the directing was amazing, the acting was fantastic, and the special effects blew me away.


The Story: What is there not to love about the story? A guy builds a bad ass suit of armor and sets his priorities on saving the world from evil doers. If your worried the many previews that have come out showed you the best parts of the movie don’t worry, what was shown to us was the tip of the iceberg.


We all see in the preview that Tony Stark is captured. Well he sees that the weapons he has been designing and selling to the US government had made it into the hands of a group of terrorists and using them to wreak havoc. This upsets Tony and puts him on a path to undo and fix what he feels he has caused.


Another main part of the story revolves around that energy thing stuck in Tony Starks chest. I honestly think that most writers and directors would have put that into the back ground and just breezed over it. But they take time to explain what it does and use it for a main part of the story, which turns out to be brilliant.


Then all movies have an antagonist and every comic book has a villain. So yes like you see in the preview Tony is betrayed by his partner Obidiah Stane. He takes Tony’s initial armor designs that he left behind when he was captured in the beginning and gets a team of scientists and engineers to reverse engineer and build a suit bigger and better.


Then there is of course the grand finally, the fight to the death.


The Dialogue: It was fun! Incredibly witty and smart. This movie isn’t full of cheeseball comic book dialogue.


The Directing: Jon Favreau is on a roll. He has really become an amazing director. This guy has an amazing eye for detail and story. His imagination and vision was right on for this film. I honestly don’t think anyone could have done it better. I’ve been a fan of his since the beginning and it’s been fun to see how he has grown in the business. I was so stoked when I heard he was directing Iron Man. I am excited to see what he has next in the pipeline. Hey, if Guillermo del Toro does not end up doing “The Hobbit” let Favreau do it, if he wants… I’m just throwing that out there. Congratulations Jon! You did an amazing job!


The Acting: Everyone in this film was so good it was ridiculous.


Robert Downey Jr. fit this part so well. A lot of people were concerned when he was cast as Tony Stark. Why? I don’t know. He’s one of the best actors Hollywood’s got. Don’t worry people he brought that character to life. I can’t imagine Tony being played by anyone else. He really has a great way of delivering his lines. I loved it!


Jeff Bridges was awesome! He is a great actor and is amazing in everything he does. Every time I saw him holding a drink in his hand I thought to myself he should be drinking a white Russian.


Terrence Howard has not given us a bad performance yet, and hopefully he won’t. He is solid in this movie and really fits the part of James Rhodes. His character will definitely be expanded in the sequel.


As for Gwyneth Paltrow, I have to admit I have never been a big fan. I didn’t like that she was cast as Pepper Potts, but this movie is the best thing she has done. I enjoyed watching her in this and bringing that character to life. I don’t know maybe it was the red hair. Well done Gwyneth.


The Special Effects: Jon wanted to do as many practical effects as possible in this film. I couldn’t tell what was CG and what wasn’t. It was flawless. I loved watching Iron man do his thing. Good grief it was fun to watch! Every scene was a beautiful work of art. High fives all around to the special effects team. Great job everyone! You blew my mind with your magic.


Overall Rating: Iron Man Wins the Game! Go see this movie, and go see it more than once. I’m giving the movie 5 stars.


 - Dr. Venkman

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