Princess Buttercup's - Iron Man Review

by Jessica Fisher

I went into this movie not having ever heard of Tony Stark, or the Iron Man story. For all I knew, Iron Man was created the same way as Spider-man, and some iron fell on him in a construction accident, and his skin turned into an iron suit. That would have been lame. But instead, I was pleasantly surprised.


Robert Downey Jr. played the ultimate handsome, witty, rich playboy. Women love him; men want to hang out with him. He is super-cool, and has the most amazing house with the kind of technology that we can only dream of. Iron Man was able to do the things that us regular people wish we could. He seems the most realistic of the Super-Heroes, because he is a product of something he created. And he is saving people from situations that are actually happening on the other side of the world, not the same old bank robbers, and little old ladies crossing the street. I’d also like to add in that Gwyneth Paltrow’s character was also not overacted like many lead women in super-hero movies. She was smart and cute. And Stan Lee’s cameo was hilarious. I give total thumbs up to Jon Favreau. He made my first encounter with Iron Man totally exciting. In a nutshell, Iron-Man was super bad-ass, and I can’t wait for the next one.


 - Princess Buttercup

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