EMH brings you - Top five box office surprises so far of 2008.

by EMH

My specialty is lists. I post mine. You respond with comments, criticism, or the ever so rare...praise. Back up your talk, though. Let me see your lists as well as your criticisms of mine.

Top five box office surprises so far of 2008.
5. Death of Heath Ledger (remember, a surprise doesn't have to be a good thing). This is only number five because it is very hard for any celebrity death to be a surprise any more. However, this was a surprise to me. He just didn't seem to be that kind of guy.

4. Fool's Gold. Look, here's something that ticks me off about people. When they try to say someone they don't like has no talent. I will do a rant about this someday, but for now let me just say this...Matthew McConaughey is funny, and he is talented. There, I said it. His lines from Dazed and Confused are still quoted today by some of the same people who make fun of them that do not even realize he is the guy that said those things. He should have been nominated for best actor for A Time to Kill in 1996, and he made me laugh and cry in We Are Marshall. Movies like Sahara, Ten Things I Hate About You, Failure to Launch, and Fool's Gold may be simple and a little corny, but McConaughey is very watchable. So eat it. And as far as the movie goes, yeah, I know 90 million worldwide is not exactly incredible for a budget of 70 million, but see how fast you can name three blockbuster action, romantic comedies. I couldn't get past one...Romancing the Stone.

3. Announcement that last Harry Potter film will be made into two films. I have been wanting this to happen for quite sometime. They didn't do it with any of the earlier films, and now there is world of people who do not read the books and will never know about Ron becoming a Quiddich hero, or how big a role Dobby has played in Harry's life. Congrats to Warner Bros for this.

2. Vantage Point - Budget - Approx 40 million. Worldwide gross - 147 million. I loved this concept. I find it interesting that it has made this much profit and no one seems to know what the heck it is when I bring it up in conversation. I don't know if Matthew Fox will ever win an Oscar, but he has that charisma on screen that entertains you no matter the circumstances. If the first half of season three of Lost was John Locke in a cage rather than Jack, then ABC might have lost me last year.

1. Cloverfield - Budget - Approx. 25 million. Worldwide box office gross - 167 million. In this day where horror movies are either totally over the top graphic (Halloween remake, Hostel) or just plain stupid (The Messengers), Cloverfield was neither. It wasn't an amazing movie, but it was an interesting idea, creatively done, and the "love story" was not overdramatic or cheesy. Way to go Cloverfield makers.

I can't wait to read your responses, and I look forward to chatting you up again soon.

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