Downey Already talking about Iron Man Sequel!

by Joey Paur

Robert Downey Jr. recently talked with the Sci Fi wire regarding what he would like to see in an Iron Man Sequel. I think he has some pretty good ideas. I wonder if these are things he and Jon have discussed. The first movie was amazing, I would love to see a second one, and I am pretty sure we will see one. Soak it up for as long as you can Marvel. Just don't screw it up in the process. Robert is such a spaz! Here is what he had to say:

Robert Downey Jr., who stars in the upcoming movie Iron Man, told SCI FI Wire that he's already looking ahead to a possible sequel and added that he'd like to explore the burden his superhero responsibilities impose.

"If you ask me, the next one is about what do you do with the rest of your life now that you're completely changed?" Downey told reporters while responding to a question from SCI FI Wire during an interview in New York last weekend. "And you are in touch, and you have created this thing that has the power to take life. Essentially, you have been made into a god. A human being, metaphorically, who's been made into a god is not going to turn out so well. And their conscience is going to come to bear."

In Iron Man, Downey plays billionaire playboy and weapons manufacturer Tony Stark, who undergoes a dramatic change of heart after being captured by Afghan insurgents, and he emerges as the heroic Iron Man. The film is based on the Marvel Comics series.

One possible sequel storyline thread, Downey said, could be based on the "Demon in a Bottle" comic series. In it, an overwhelmed Stark becomes an alcoholic.

"I think the drinking will be a way to confront his age, his doubts, to confront the fact that Pepper [Gwyneth Paltrow] maybe gets a boyfriend," Downey said. "He's like, 'I'm so happy for you.'" Downey then pretended to swig a drink.

"Then he shows up in the Iron Man suit going, 'What's he got that I don't?'" Downey said. "I tend to think like [screenwriter] Shane Black in these situations. And no one thinks like Shane Black, stuff that really speaks to the truth of what happens between people."

Downey then went off on a tangent, addressing Black's uncredited contributions to Iron Man and further detailing what he'd like to see in a sequel. Black wrote the screenplay for the Downey film Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

"The weapons and stuff would have to be cooler, too," Downey said. "We would go to Shane Black, [director] Jon [Favreau] and I every once in a while, [and] it would be like going to Yoda. We'd bring him some salmon, and he'd want blueberries. And he'd never take a penny, and then he'd say something, and everything for six miles would evaporate. That idea that your brain has created something so destructive, it's like the Manhattan Project myth; we have become the destroyer of worlds. But he's not the destroyer of worlds."

Downey paused and said, "Anyway, I answered it. People ask me, 'What makes you think you could get it up for another one?' Are you kidding me? We're just getting started here." Iron Man opens May 2.

Any thoughts?


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