Hugh Jackman talks about Wolverine!

by Joey Paur

Hugh Jackman recently talked with some folks at MTV and had this to say about the movie "X-Men Origins: Wolverine". I hope they come up with a better title.

"It feels different... We are dealing with a character who is probably one of the darker comic book characters ever created... The movie has a lot of fun elements, but there are layers of pain and darkness to this character... Tonally, I would put it more in the ‘Batman Begins' sort of realm... That's sort of where we're headed."

"There are two conditions for me doing any more: One is will anybody want to see it, and the second is: Will I still have the passion for it? I really wanted to do this spin-off movie, because I felt we hadn't truly found who this character was... Right now [though] I feel like I could do another ten or eleven."

If its anything like batman begins it will be a pretty dark movie, Hugh says is dark! I think the story of Wolverine darker than Batman. I'm talking rated "R" dark. Wolverine is just not a PG-13 kind of guy. But we all know they are going to cater to the little whipper snappers who don't know the real Wolverine.

A side note... The should remake X-Men 3 like it never happened. Brett Ratner's a fool.

- Dr. Venkman