United Artists trying to Build Franchise for Cruise?

by Joey Paur

According to Variety, United Artists and Lakeshore Entertainment have set "24" co-creator-exec producer Joel Surnow to develop a contemporary spy thriller that will be directed by "Casino Royale" helmer Martin Campbell."This is an original concept that both UA and I feel will have an impact creatively and commercially," Surnow said.

Ok so lets tell it how is is. It will be a Jason Bourne/Jack Bauer/Ethan Hunt/James Bond movie staring Tom Cruise. Yes a contemporary spy thriller is a very original idea indeed. But it is the only character acting Tom can pull of these days. He used to be good. He seems to have leveled off his acting abilities. The last really good movie he did was "Collateral". His upcoming movie Valkyrie proves hes not even trying anymore. Thats a rant for another time. Don't get me wrong! I would like to see him act again. Maybe this will be it. I'm rooting for the guy to make a come back.

-Dr. Venkman