Iron Man Movie Rumors - Nick Fury

by Joey Paur

There is a rumor floating around that Nick Fury is going to make an apperance at the end of Iron Man. Now I saw the Movie at a special screening at Paramount, and there was no Nick Fury. Apparently it was not added until the major theatrical release. So this is what you gotta do, you have to stick around after the credits to see if the rumor is true. This is what they are saying happens:

One source says the Fury/Stark scene lasts for about 40 seconds, while another reports, "At the end of the credits, Stark comes home and finds Nick Fury in his living room, staring towards the window. (Fury) then turns to tell Stark he's the not the only superhero in the world. Stark asks who he is, and Fury turns and says, 'Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D, and I'm here to talk to you about The Avengers Initiative'.

This would be pretty cool to see for all us Geeks out there. I guess I have to see the movie again. Darn!

-Dr. Venkman


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