Literary Classic David Copperfield Coming to Big Screen

by Joey Paur

David Copperfield is an amazing book written by Charles Dickens, and if you have not read it then I implore you to go out and read it. If you don't know what it is about here is a short summary:

David Copperfield is the classic and enduring story of an orphaned young boy who suffers a tortured childhood at the hands of his evil step-father Mr. Murdstone. David endures more punishment at his strict boarding school, but he also meets his best friend James Steerforth. After the death of his mother David runs away into the arms of his only relative Aunt Trotwood. Sheltered from Mr Murdstone he grows into a young man of substance.

In adulthood, David's struggle continues as he tries to realise his dream of becoming a writer whilst dealing with the trials and tribulations of his friends, enemies and lovers. Much to his dismay his scheming nemesis Uriah Heap plans to marry his life-long confident Agnes. David's life is thrown into darkness with the deaths of his close friend James Steerforth, his beautiful young wife Dora and their unborn child.

Despite these setbacks David finds the courage to realise his dream and find love again with his childhood friend Agnes. This is a classic Dickens' tale of courage and love in the face of adversity.

I'm a sucker for these type of stories. I love them because they mean something and there is always a part of the character that you can relate to. They are deep and not shallow like most Hollywood movies. I hope they do the movie right. It is being directed by Peter Howitt and the cast is as follows:

Hayden Christensen - David Copperfield

Simon Pegg - Uriah Heep

Rowan Atkinson, Colin Firth, Julie Walters, and Kevin McNally.

I really like the casting and am excited to see Hayden Christensen actually act. I think hes got it in him but he has not had a role or director to push his abilities. I think this will be it. As for Simon Pegg this will be a more serious roll then what we are used to seeing him in, but its a great choice for the character and I think he'll do great!

 -Dr. Venkman


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