Steven Spielberg to focus on his Abraham Lincoln Film!

by Joey Paur

Photograph:Abraham Lincoln, 1863.

Most of us have heard Steven Spielberg talking about making a movie based on the life of Abraham Lincoln for about 3 years now. I've been wondering myself when he planned on getting around to it, but now it looks like he is ready to give it his full attention! Speilberg recently told German magazine FOCUS:

that he will return his attention to an epic project about the 16th president, for a DreamWorks film that could begin filming possibly by early next year.

Spielberg still plans on shooting 'Tintin' in the early fall. I am really interested to see how 'Tintin' turns out. I have read a lot about how he and Peter Jackson want to film it, and it should be a really interesting movie series to watch. But back to the Civil war movie! Variety reports:

The Lincoln project could be ready for an early 2009 shoot because of several variables: Spielberg has proved adept at shooting back-to-back films, which he did most memorably when he made "Jurassic Park" and the Oscar-winning "Schindler's List" in 1993. Also, his Lincoln project -- informed by the biography by Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Doris Kearns Goodwin's "The Uniter: The Genius of Abraham Lincoln" -- has a strong script by "Angels in America" playwright Tony Kushner (who rewrote "Munich" for Spielberg).

Spielberg also has Liam Neeson --who played Oskar Schindler -- ready to play Lincoln. Neeson agreed more than three years ago to play the role for Spielberg, and has been waiting for a start date.

This Abraham Lincoln movie is one that I have really been looking forward to since Spielberg started talking about making it. I am also excited to hear Liam Neeson is still up for the task of playing the lead role of Lincoln. He is perfect for the part and I can't imagine anyone else playing him. I am a huge history buff and love the history of The Civil War. I am confident Spielberg will create one of his greatest films.

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-Dr. Venkman

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