Bruce Willis being Recruited for 'THE A-TEAM'!

by Joey Paur

Bruce Willis

Yep thats right people! John Singleton who is directing The A-Team Movie has expressed that he wants Bruce Willis to play the part of Hannibal. I think this is great casting because if anyone can pull it off he can. He has got that calm cool attitude needed for this character. So far other cast members include Woody Harrelson as Murdock and Ice Cube as BA Baracus. All of this info has been confirmed by IGN. So far the film has a pretty solid cast building up. I hope Bruce takes John up on his offer. Supposedly 'The A-Team' is supposed to be released in about a year, so I am sure there will be a lot more information coming out on this movie in the near future. We will keep you updated!

-Dr. Venkman

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