Dark Knight Trailer: Analysis & Theories

Movieby Eli Reyes

There's a new "Dark Knight" Trailer that was attached to the theatrical release of "Iron Man". If you've only seen the 3rd TDK trailer once... Here's a simple breakdown with some possible easter eggs.

There are some things that are fairly obvious. And there are some things you might have missed! I will try to stick to the latter.

00:06 It opens with an Un-masked Bruce Wayne atop a High rise.

The opening shot is EXTREMELY similar, if not outrageously identical to the opening, of the trailer to MI:3. Look it up if you don't believe me!

00:14 The now masked Batman leaps off the building.

But notice that he DOESN'T have a cape. But rather backpack, or parachute type pack on his back. I will for all intensive cheesiness call it the BAT-PACK... cuz why not.

00:17 the Bat symbol is flashed in the flames between the Legendary Pictures Logo, and the DC Comics Logo.

00:26 Joker in a meeting with Mafia and crime heads.

For those of you unfamiliar with the synopsis of the film, The Joker robs the bank where the mob keeps their money. And holds the money ransom by threatening to burn it, if they don't "kill the Batman." Look out for the unidentified asian man, or for short U.F.O... wait, that can't be right. Anyway, he's on a TV during the mafia meeting, or perhaps, joining them via satellite! Bum, bum, BUM!

I lied. The U.A.M is actually somewhat identifiable. It's actor Chin Han playing a character known only as Lau. What's unclear, is who the crap Lau is, and what role he'll be playing in the plot of the film.

00:42 The Joker holds up his business card.

It's the joker card, from a deck of playing cards. But look closely at the card. It appears that the clown in the card is either holding a decapitated head, or a bloody axe. I'm unsure about this one, you may need to smoosh your nose up against the screen to get a good look. But don't try it if you have high-definition, you might die.

00:59 Lucious Fox walking on top of a helicopter pad.

But look who's walking with him! It's our good friend Lau. Who in the name of Sega-Genisis is this guy???

01:31 The Joker burning a ginormous pile of cash.

So I guess the mafia didn't do such a good job killing the Batman, hopefully. Because that would ruin the movie... for obvious reasons.

01:36 The Joker pulls out a knife.

Look at the background to the left of the Joker. It's out of focus, but it appears to be a downed Bat-Pod with two of Joker's henchmen approaching it. I hope Batman got the protective case for his Bat-Pod nano, or else he'll have to Shia Lebeouf the scratches on the display screen. (That's two lame jokes in one sentence. Top that Drew Carey! Oooh wait, nevermind)

01:44 The Joker fires a machine gun.

Alot of the Dark Knight was filmed in downtown Chicago. And the production team usually does a pretty good job of covering up, or not showing signs that actually say Chicago... But they must've gotten a little lazy that day, cuz there is a big FAT sign for a bakery called "SWEET HOME CHICAGO" to the right of the Joker.

01:50 The Joker in a jail cell.

It looks like he's shaking something, dice maybe? explosive dice maybe? Yahtzee!

01:56.056 The Joker holding Rachel Dawes.

Awwe... How Sweet?

01:56.345 The Joker letting go of Rachel Dawes, letting her fall to her death.

Ahhh... not so sweet.

01:58 It's quick, but that's Batman roughing up the Joker in a holding cell.

Throwing the him against a 2 way mirror.

02:02 Harvey Dent is no more, it's Sweeny

.. I mean, Two-Face now.

02:03 Batman riding the Bat-Pod through the subway station.

And I get crap for trying to ride my skateboard down there, totally unfair.

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