Rant + Review: Baby Mama Oscar Drama

by bobneek

And the winner is........

The Academy Awards nominating committee wouldn't touch this movie with a 47 foot pole. It is completely free of anything Oscar worthy. And it's not "hip" enough to make the Oscar's seem cool to watch (i.e. the good but highly overrated "Juno"). But just because it's writers and actors won't be split-screened with the Oscar nominees, doesn't make it a bad movie. Not everything can be as intense as "No Country For Old Men". Or as so-hip-so-we-better-nominate-it-somehow like "Juno".

Do you like the self satisfaction of being able to predict every next line? It usually makes you feel smart. The story is as predictable as a Disney princess fairytale. You can see the "twists" in the story coming 47 miles away. But it's still enjoyable. What more can you expect?

It's enjoyable because it puts a smirk on your face every few minutes. As dumb as the jokes are, you still laugh. There are some gems here and there, but for the most part, you've seen most of the funny stuff a hundred times in the preview. Even though it doesn't raise the comedy bar, this movie does what it's supposed to, which is distract you for close to two hours.

The acting isn't Oscar caliber, but they all compliment each other. Tina Fey plays Kate Holbrook, a high ranking  professional who chose late nights at the office instead of late nights in the bedroom. She plays her usual quirky-smart character (no acting required). Amy Poehler plays Angie, the  surrogate womb chosen to hold Tina Fey's future child. She play's a corky, semi-crazy, goofball (no acting required). The cast is rounded out with some great SNL cameos, the exact same Greg Kinnear we've seen in every movie, and a funny-'cause-there-really-are-weirdos-like-him Steve Martin. The only low point in the movie is Siobhan Fallon's terrible birthing coach character. So bad it makes you cringe.

Long story short. Take a date to this movie. You'll have something to talk about afterwards. And unlike most Oscar winners, you won't have to argue about whether this movie changed your life and is brilliant and amazing, or boring and too bloody. Go see it!!! (And-sorry-for-all-of-the-hyphenated-sentences.)

-Bob Neek

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