Rumor Alert! Transformers 2 in 3-D!?!

by Joey Paur

Venkman here - So the story goes like this Comics2film noticed In a Dolby News Release for Showest 2008 'TRANSFORMERS 2' is listed as a 3-D film to be released in 2009! It also Lists Spielberg and Jacksons 'Tintin' project as being in 3-D as well. I have not heard or read anything about Michael bay saying anything on the matter. But it would be a very cool visual movie to do this with. It makes sense to do Transformers in 3-D at the same time Bay has really rushed into filming this movie in June, and I can only imagin the dialoge and story is going to be worse than the last one. But the action and special effects will most likely be better, its a trade off but why can't they do all that stuff with a really amazing story and good dialoge? Anyway, I would like to think this rumor is true, because transformers in 3-D would kick ass. What do you all think?

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