Disney and Bruckheimer will make 'The Increment'

by Joey Paur

Apparently 'The Increment' Is based on a geopolitical thriller novel that has not yet been released. It is being published by WW Norton and the book will be released next year. It must be a pretty amazing manuscript. The book was written by David Ignatius. According to Variety:

Title refers to a shadowy, elite group of British undercover intelligence operatives who are conscripted by a CIA agent to help a weapons scientist defect from Iran.

Looking to work with a producer he'd done business with before, Ignatius directed his CAA agents to submit the book last weekend only to Scott Free and Bruckheimer, for whom Ignatius previously worked on the script "Tandem Couple."

The manuscript got high marks in the lit community for suspense and characters, but some were surprised that Disney made the deal: The material is very dark, and the fact that an Iran invasion is woven into the plot could be a potential hot potato by the time the book is developed into a film.

Hopefully Disney won't lighten it up or Bruckheimer dumb it down. It sounds like a pretty sophisticated plot, and could be a intense movie. I think it would have been in better hands with Scott Free Productions. Maybe Disney is ready to move on with some darker material which is why they took it. Maybe they feel it is the right project for them to dive into something different.

-Dr. Venkman

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