Jonah Hill will write 21 Jump Street Movie

by Joey Paur

Is he wearing one of Johnny Depps hats?

Sony has signed Jonah Hill (Superbad, Forgetting Sarah Marshall) to Write and Produce the movie adaptation of 21 Jump Street. 21 Jump Street is a TV show from the 80's that Launched Johnny Depps Career. I think Jonah is a funny character actor that is good for one type of part in a movie and it is every part he has played so far. The other thing is Jonah does not have any writing credits so far. There is no word yet on weather he will be starring in the film or not, but I imagine he will be in it. So here is my question, is this new 21 Jump Street movie going to have a comedic spin to it? Is it going to be a comedy? The TV show was pretty hard core for the 80's. 

I'm not saying that this movie is going to be bad. I am just saying having Jonah Hill write and Produce is a very interesting choice for Sony to make. What ever the plan is for the movie I hope it works out for everyone. 

-Dr. Venkman

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