X-Men Origions: Magneto will also have Beast!

by Joey Paur

George 'El Guapo' Roush over at Lationreview got the scoop while making a visit to the creatures effects shop for 'Hellboy II'. While there he saw a photo of a young looking Beast leaping in the air. Here's how George says it went down.

I also noticed a photograph of a young looking Beast leaping through the air. Not a drawing, although it could have been computer generated, but an actual photo.

"What's this?"

"This is young Beast from the prequel they're gonna be doing. Magneto."

"Oh, ok." I replied, trying to act calm before my head exploded from seeing this picture. "So Beast is in Magneto, huh?"


Just a little tidbit of information. I really hope these X-Men Origion movies are going to be good. They can't be any worse than X-Men 3. Magneto is being written directed by David Goyer who also wrote Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and Jumper. So It could end up being a pretty good film.

-Dr. Venkman


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