Lohan and Mendez why Hollywood WHY!

by Billy Fisher

I am sorry everyone, I just don't understand how Hollywood works.  We all have certain actors that we love, but then we have those actors who keep us from spending money at the theaters.  Then there are those who cause us to go into fits of rage when they come onto the screen.  For me, it is when I hear that Eva Mendes and Lindsay Lohan have gotten work that it makes me think that talent doesn't matter in Hollywood.

Don't get me wrong there are many talented people in Hollywood, and they all deserve the acclaim that we give them.  But I just don't get why these girls get the parts that they do.  When I hear that either one of them are going to star in a movie, I instantly have my doubts that the movie will be good.  They never hold their own in any scene.  I know that there are a few out there saying: "Mean Girls was funny." or "Stuck on You was a great comedy.". Trust me, I feel ya.  As far as those movies go, Eva and Lindsay were made for the roles that they played.  Lately, however, I think that they are being terribly over cast.  

If any of you saw the movie "Bobby", you would agree with me that that movie was stunning in many ways. The story was strong, the shots were close to perfect, the cast was one of the most amazing ever.  Except the one dark cloud named Lohan.  She couldn't hold a candle to anyone she starred with.  If she didn't have outstanding safety nets, such as Elijah Wood or Sharon Stone,  she would have drawn me completely out of the movie and this would have been an I hate "Bobby" rant.

Eva just kills me. I have never understood why there is a need to cast a semi tranny woman as the lead. Unless it is "Hairspray".  Even with that, John Travolta played a better woman then Eva does in any movie that she is in.   At least when Lindsay finally leaves Hollywood, she can say she had a decent career as a child.  Eva has been crappy since she read for her first audition.  There are plenty of guys out there thinking that I am insane.  I admit she has a nice body, but if I have to check for an adams apple, there is a big problem.  Every time I see her in a film, I feel like she is fake and has to read every line off of cue cards off screen.  I just can't believe her in any role, and by the look in her eyes it seems like a strong breeze would change her mind.

I know a lot of you are wondering why I am ranting about this.  I can understand.  I just feel like casting directors are getting away with too much when they cast either one of these actresses.  For every role that they get, there are plenty of skilled actresses out there that would gladly do the work with better quality.  I need to know who agrees with me and who disagrees with me.  I need to know that my feelings are shared, or if I am just talking out of my butt.  Come on geeks, let me know where you stand.

McMurphy Out! 

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