MGM Picks up a Great spec Script 'Zametherea'

by Joey Paur

Venkman here - I am going to start this thing off with the full title of the movie. It is possibly the longest movie title ever. "Executive VP, David M. Murch's Adventures in the Land of Zametherea." Thats it and I'm not kidding. The script comes from Peter Speakman and Michael M.B. Galvin. Cale Boyter is overseeing the film. I really like :

The story centers on a boy who has the ability to travel to a magical land, but after coming home and telling his parents about his adventures, they have him committed. The boy grows into a coldhearted executive, then gets the call to return to the magical land. The man must get help from his estranged son to save the land.

This is what really happened to Michael Wendy's little brother from Peter Pan after he wouldn't shut up about his adventures. This is sure to be a dark comedy/fantasy film. I can imagine a few different stars playing this role including John Cusack as a good choice and Tim Allen as not so much. Could be fun though.

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