Young Jason Voorhees! Creepy Looking kid!

by Joey Paur

I wonder if this kid (Caleb Guss) knows the reason why he got cast as Jason in the remake of a classic 'Friday the 13th'. I am very against remaking this classic horror flick because there is really no need for it. What are they going to do? More blood? More Boobs? Who cares the original has enough of everything a good horror movie needs!  This all comes from a production blog by the director Brad Fuller and hosted by bloody-discusting. They say this about it:

Young Jason Voorhees is being played by Caleb Guss (pictured). The make-up is awesome, freaky and true to the original. Though he only worked a few days - the imagery adds a very disturbing depth to the character.

But I will say this, Caleb has probably been having the time of his life playing the part of Jason. I wonder if he has even seen any of the original films. I just want to send a congrats out to Caleb for looking creepy as hell and hope he's having a fun time. I'm sure this wont be the last we see of him hes got an original look.

-Dr. Venkman

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