Dr. Venkman Review's: Prince Caspian

by Joey Paur


I'll begin by saying that this movie met my expectations, but did not exceed them. It was definitely better than the first one. When it comes down to it I thought the movie was good and enjoyable to watch, the first half of the movie was a little slow with Peter and his siblings trying to figure out what happened to the Narnia they knew. During this time they come across a Dwarf named Trumpkin played by Peter Dinklage who started to really bring the film to life. I think that Peter Dinklage was amazing in this, and the best actor in the whole film. Everyone else was pretty good and decent but Dinklage stood out above the rest.

The movie picks up in its second half when all the Narnian's meet up and begin to plan taking back what is rightfully theirs. The story adds a little friction between Peter and Prince Caspian when they first meet and it makes the movie a bit more interesting, each one wanting control of the situation at hand. Then the battles begin which are fun to watch, but not as fun as 'Lord of the Rings'. They don't hold back in the killing of people, but there is very little blood. For me the best scene in the movie was a one on one sword fight between Peter and King Miraz which you see a little of in the preview.

Not much to say about the special effects and costumes other than they were done by Weta and looked really good. I really like the detail and craft that they put in their work. All the creatures were very cool looking.

The movie was directed by Andrew Adamson, you can tell he was experimenting with a few shots and some of his directing was inconsistent. There were certain shots he was trying to make an impact with, but would cut it short before you got the full effect. I don't mean to knit pick, but it was just a few things I noticed. They don't pull away from the story so it really doesn't matter. The film direction was good.

What will the kids think about it? A lot of reviews say that it is not a kid friendly film, that it is dark, and should have been rated PG-13. The film is darker than the last Narnia, but I think it is ok for kids to watch. Harry Potter is a darker film. I went to the movie with my 9 year old little girl and she really enjoyed it. She closed her eyes only once, and it was when Prince Caspian and Susan kiss at the end. She can't wait to see it again and instantly asked if we could buy it when it comes out on DVD.

So there ya have it. You wont be disappointed but you won't be blown away. If you haven't seen Iron Man or Speed Racer yet see those before you see this. What ever you choose to see enjoy your time at the movies!

- Dr. Venkman

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