Columbia gets 'Olympia'!

by Joey Paur

Venkman here - I love watching the Olympics it is exciting to see the best in the world compete for the gold. I also love the whole history behind the Olympics, how it where it came from and how it all started. There is such a great story to tell, the back drop, the characters, the tension. Columbia Pictures is doing this movie. Variety says its...

...the love story, which is set against the backdrop of the ancient Olympic Games in Greece as war waged between Athens and Sparta.

Sounds good to me. The script was written by Robert Rodat who also wrote 'Saving Private Ryan' which is good. Producing the film is Mark Gordon who recently did '10,000 B.C.' so if you liked that movie its good news if not (like me) its bad. Directing the movie is Asger Leth who is a danish filmmaker. Hopefully hes good.

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