Paramount Talks Iron Man Sequel. What about Marvel?

by Joey Paur

I would love to see a sequel for this movie and like I said before it will most likely happen, what I don't understand is why Paramounts CEO Brad Grey and Viacoms Exec Chairman Sumner Redstone telling Entertainment Tonight that based on good returns this weekend They will greenlight a sequel?

The reson this doesn't click with me is because Paramount only distributed the film. They did a great job marketing the hell out it, but Marvel is the one that financed the film, and the entire film. Marvel is the reason this film is as good as it is. Had Paramount been behind the making of the movie it would have pretty much sucked. That being said wouldn't Marvel be the one to greenlight the sequel? This is a full on Marvel film that was distributed by Paramount. Is Paramount trying to force their hand in the cookie jar?  Do they want people to think this is their film? Well it's not. Sorry Paramount I love ya, but I gotta give credit to where credit is due.

-Dr. Venkman

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