What to See this Weekend?

by Joey Paur

Hey everyone! So if you are wondering what you are going to go see this weekend, its a no brainer. Go see IRON MAN! This is a movie for everyone and its incredibly fun. So in case your wondering what dared to be released to challange that Monster here is the line up:

Redbelt - This is about a martial-arts instructor who saves a famous movie stars life played by Tim Allen. Then I am sure there will be a deadly fighting competition. I feel there is no need to see this movie in the theaters. Wait for DVD or when it comes out on Cable.

Son of Rambow - This movie looks funny and charming. Its about to kids in the 1980's that set out to make a home movie based on Rambo: First Blood. I want to see this movie, but not before I see Iron Man again.

Made of Honor - Apparently the character Patrick Dempsey plays can have any woman he wants but after his best friend (who's a girl) gets engaged to another guy, he suddenly falls in love with her. So his best friend (who's a girl) makes him her "Made of Honor". He obviously uses this opportunity to move in on her and steal her away from her man. Most girls will want to see this movie. It looks terrible.

So go see Iron Man.

Dr. Venkman