Dreamworks gets rights to yet another Asian film

by Joey Paur

Dreamworks is on a roll getting the rights to several Asian film properties so far they have aquired the rights to 'The Ring' parts 1 and 2, 'A Tale of Two Sisters, and most recently 'The Ghost in the Shell'. People are gong to start thinking American filmmakers lack imagination soon. The Original Japanese film is called "Yomigaeri" and is based on a book about...

A government official who is sent to a rural town to investigate the reappearance of a child who, after vanishing for 60 years, returns to his mother not having aged at all. As similar events occur, the official unravels the mystery while becoming reacquainted with his lost love.

Other information given by Variety includes:

William Nicholson is writing the screenplay.

MPCA's Brad Krevoy is producing alongside Tetsu Fujimura, whose company Filosophia, in conjunction with MPCA, specializes in bringing Japanese fare to American audiences. Takashi Hirano, who produced the original Japanese film, is also producing.

DreamWorks is eyeing a late 2008 start date.

Released in 2003, "Yomigaeri" also received critical acclaim, nabbing four Japanese Academy Awards for best screenplay, director, actress and score.

-Dr. Venkman

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