First Look! Viggo Mortensen in 'The Road'

by Joey Paur
The Road Still

If you have not heard about this yet 'The Road' is based on a novel by Cormac McCarthy, and the movie is being directed by John Hillcoat. Viggo Mortensen obviously is staring in the film. Charlize Theron and Guy Peirce co-star in the film. So the cast is pretty solid. The following is a description from amazon on what the book and movie will be like.

A frightening apocalyptic vision, is narrated by a nameless man, one of the few survivors of an unspecified civilization-ending catastrophe. He and his young son are trekking along a treacherous highway, starving and freezing, trying to avoid roving cannibal armies. The tale, and their lives, are saved from teetering over the edge of bleakness thanks to the man's fierce belief that they are "the good guys" who are preserving the light of humanity. In this stark, effective production, Stechschulte gives the father an appropriately harsh, weary voice that sways little from its numbed register except to urge on the weakening boy or soothe his fears after an encounter with barbarians. When they uncover some vestige of the former world, the man recalls its vanished wonder with an aching nostalgia that makes the listener's heart swell. Stechschulte portrays the son with a mournful, slightly breathy tone that emphasizes the child's whininess, making him much less sympathetic than his resourceful father. With no music or effects interrupting Stechschulte's carefully measured pace and gruff, straightforward delivery, McCarthy's darkly poetic prose comes alive in a way that will transfix listeners.

I gotta say, this movie sounds like it will be pretty amazing. Viggo chooses his films very carefully these days and I think he found himself a winner!

-Dr. Venkman

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