Flash Gordon signs deal with Sony!

by Joey Paur

Venkman here - It looks like flash Gordon will make it to the big screen again. Variety reports how the deal went down:

A spirited bidding battle for the `30s comic strip Flash Gordon has ended with Sony negotiating with Hearst for the rights to make a live action film. Breck Eisner ("Sahara") is attached to direct. Neal Moritz will produce through Original Films.

Deal being negotiated is high six figures against seven figures if the film gets made

In the original incarnation, Flash Gordon was a handsome polo player who is kidnapped and taken to the planet Mongo, where he is pitted against an evil ruler named Ming the Merciless.

Post "Iron Man," studios are showing a heightened appetite for franchise-able branded fare, and the intention is to hatch an edgy incarnation of the classic serial.

We can only hope it is done well. everyone wants a franchise to be able to capitalize on these days. I hope these studios realize that Iron Man was good because it was made the right way. Iron man could have easily sucked and bombed at the box office. Big studios tend to interfere more with movie making causing movies that could be really good to really suck. I can see Flash Gordon going either way.

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