Mischa Barton falls down the Rabbit Hole

by Joey Paur


There are a lot of people that have been trying to get a 'Alice in Wonderland' movie made. So far nothing has seemed to happen yet. Lets break down the list of Wonderland Projects trying to get done shall we.

The book adaption 'Alice' that was going to stars Sarah Michelle Gellar as Alice who ends up going back to Wonderland as a very disturbed individual.

Marilyn Manson is working on an a film called 'PHANTASMAGORIA:THE VISIONS OF LEWIS CARROLL' which is about "an author who lives in a castle is haunted by visions of a girl named Alice." From imdb.

Then Todd Mcfarlane and his twisted Alice in Wonderland film based on his toy line.

Well Now Mischa Barton has been cast as Alice in a movie called 'Malice in Wonderland'. People are saying it is a modern day version of the original classic. I love the story of 'Alice and Wonderland' it is so crazy and original. It would be nice to see a really great film version make it out into theaters. This one may not be it.

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