Marvel President Kevin Feige talks about Upcoming Marvel Films!

by Joey Paur

Marvel held a press conference today with several internet journalists to watch some hulk footage and have a question and answer session with Marvel President Kevin Feige. I have compiled information from and on what went down at this meeting.

Here is What was said regarding Captain America from IESB:

IESB asked Feige if the Captain America film would be a period piece. He confirmed yes, the story will take place during World War II, just like the comic book origin story. He says they plan to remain very faithful to the source material and completely traditional.

Feige also confirmed that it was definitely the Captain America shield that was seen in IRON MAN on Tony Stark's work-station as he's removing his suit for the first time. It's just an Easter Egg and probably won't have anything to do with the Capt. America story.

What about that casting rumor making its way around the web that Matthew McConaughey would be taking on the role? Nope, Feige says that's absolutely false.

So it was the shield!!! We told you!!!! Thank goodness Matthew McConaughey will have nothing to do with this. I also love the fact that the film is going to take place during WWII! Thats how I wanted to see it done in the first place.

Here is what was said about Thor:

No director is attached at this time, but Feige says Marvel plans to announce one sometime this summer.

Also, he says they haven't even talked about casting yet for the lead role and have no idea who they plan to cast (Brad Pitt was rumored).

So far as the storyline, Feige says the film will be set in the world of Thor, Asgard, and that it would not be a contemporary story.

I am excited we will get to see Thor done in Asgard. We will get a taste of what that might look like when the animated DVD movie Hulk Vs. Thor is released.

Avengers Film info from Chud:

We know Thor, Cap and Iron Man are in. What about the Hulk? He's been an integral part of the team's history in the Marvel and Ultimate universes.

This is three years down the line, so it's a long way down the road. But surely the Hulk is one of the core members.

As for how The Avengers coming down the pike would affect other Marvel movies, in terms of constraints:

If Louis had come in and said, 'I really want to kill the Hulk'... if someone came in and said, 'Wouldn't it be great to kill Captain America now?,' we probably wouldn't let them. But other than that, it's all about the movies themselves. I don't want to say, 'You can't do this because we want to do that...' because we'll be twisting and turning and have a big mess on our hands. The Thor film is 100% about Thor and is focused on the best way to introduce Thor to the biggest audience. Same thing with The First Avenger. Same thing with this film, with the next Iron Man film.

It wouldn't really be The Avengers if all the super heros involved were not involved.

Future Marvel character movie crossovers:

The sky's the limit right now. It's us being very cautious and careful about how we do these crossovers so that we don't collapse under our own weight - as even every 12 or 15 years the comics do; they revamp and do new number ones and get back to what the characters were all about. I don't want [the movies] to forget what the characters are all about and, knock on wood, the interconnectivity will be that extra bit of fun for comic fans. And I think that everybody that stayed in their seats to watch the Nick Fury scene at the end of Iron Man are, whether they read comic books or not, fans of the bigger Marvel continuity.

On Getting Spider-Man or The X-Men Into Crossovers

Never say never. Who knows. When I was a kid I remember seeing Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny parachuting together in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The truth is that we're not even considering or thinking about it right now because we've got three to five years of I hope great movies with the characters that we do control, all leading up to The Avengers. We have that core Avengers group, but what happens after that...

So There you have it everyone! Some pretty good news. If anymore information comes available I will make sure to update you all on it. But this whole marvel Movie plan they got going is really exciting!

-Dr. Venkman

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