So who Might be the Next SPIDERMAN in parts 4 and 5?

by Joey Paur

Venkman here with the scoop that was broke by Apparently there is a list floating around with names on it. This list has the names of a few people that Sony Pictures and producers have in mind to play Spiderman/Peter Parker in parts 4 and 5. No offers have gone out to these people yet. Who even knows if the people on the list know they are on a list in the first place. This is just web-chatter right now. Its just a list. But its fun to speculate.

The #1 choice for Peter Parker is Patrick Fugit from 'Wristcutters' and 'Almost Famous', which is great casting!


The #2 choice in case he doesn't work out is Michael Angarano from 'The Forbidden Kingdom'.


If Toby is done making these movies and giving up all that money, I like the thought of Patrick Fugit in the role. I think he is a really good actor that can pull it off. It will be just so weird not seeing Toby in the role anymore. I am scared of what they will do after Part 3. But lets wait and see. Any thoughts on the matter?

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