Beverly Hills Cop 4! Directed by Brett Ratner

by Joey Paur

Venkman Here - Variety Reports that Paramount Pictures wants to revive another franchise with another sequel. Beverly Hills Cop 4 and they want Brett Ratner to direct. As you know I'm not a big fan of Brett Ratner but I don't have a problem with him directing Beverly Hills Cop 4. Why? Because he is used to directing films like Rush Hour. Plus I have very little confidence in Paramount. They will play it safe re-hash old jokes, give a few winks to the original movies, and it will most likely end up being PG-13. I loved the first three movies! They were incredibly funny and still make me laugh to this day when I watch them, parts 1 and 2 more than 3. I just don't think they will be able to make a movie that will live up to those first 3 films. Paramount made money off a 4th Indiana Jones film, so of course it makes sense to do a 4th Beverly Hills Cop. Here is what Variety is saying:

Eddie Murphy is attached to reprise his role as Detroit detective Axel Foley, and Brett Ratner is negotiating to direct.

Studio is aiming for a 2009 production start and a summer 2010 release.

Lorenzo di Bonaventura will produce. Jerry Bruckheimer, who produced the original "Beverly Hills Cop" trilogy with late partner Don Simpson, won't be actively involved in the new film.

Murphy approached the studio about reviving the franchise that cemented his status as a B.O. mega-star. Par brass were eager to land another picture with Murphy after he finished the Karey Kirkpatrick-directed "NowhereLand," which Paramount releases in June 2009.

So Eddie will be back. I think Eddie Murphy was a very funny guy. But he has done some very bad films in the last few years. My confidence him is not that strong right now. I hope he's still got it, but he has not shown us that he does in a long time. I think its just a bad idea. What do you all think about it? Since they are going through with this I hope they do it right.


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