Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Mistakes!

by Joey Paur

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Here is the famous storage area where all the mistakes are held.

Venkman Here - 48 Mistakes! I'm not surprised by the findings over at regarding Indiana Jones and the Knigdom of the Crystal Skull. It was my impression all along that they were rushing through this movie to get it made. I am fine with a few movie mistakes but 48! Common! There was a huge lack of research and the continuity guy should never work another film shoot again. If you are going all out on making a big movie and spending 100's of millions of dollars doing it should you want to get it right? Are you ready cause here are the mistakes.

Plot hole: We are told in the film that the Conquistadors stole the skull. However, since Indiana has to use the skull to open the tomb that it came from, it would have been impossible for the Conquistadors to have opened the tomb to steal it in the first place.

Factual error: During the movie somebody brings out a gun a point Indy close to the neck; you can notice it as a Glock pistol. Its was made by first time in 1963.

Factual error: When Indy is getting decontaminated, after the atomic explosion, the workers are using the M17 protective masks. These masks were not in used until the late 1960's.

Factual error: The Jeeps used during the Russians entry to Nevada was wrong. In 1957 the Army drove the Jeep Willys (early CJ) with wing fenders on front. The ones driven in the movie had round fenders.

Factual error: The movie occurs in 1957. A 50 star U.S. flag is shown. Alaska and Hawaii became states in 1959; a 48 star flag would have been correct.

Factual error: The movie supposedly is taking place in 1957, yet the motorcycle that Mutt rides is based on a 2000 or newer Harley Davidson softail, showing the modern day controls and Twin Cam motor, instead of the panhead motor that would have been the period correct engine of 1957.

Factual error: Professor Ox is talking Mayan in the temple in Peru. In the Peruvian jungle, they speak Aymara. Mayan was spoken in Mexico, Guatemala and all Mayan countries. Also, the stone temple shown in the Amazon was made by Mayans in such countries, not like the ones made by Incas in Peru.

Factual error: Indy and Mutt fly to Nazca, Peru. Nazca is only 4 hours away on bus from the capital Lima, yet the city they show on the movie is Cuzco, which is 24 hours away from Lima. Cuzco is on the east side of the country, Nazca is on the west coast right next to Lima. Also, back in 1957 only Lima had an airport, yet they show a Nazca airport that didn't exist.

Factual error: In the scene where they are flying to Peru from US, they fly over a "map" of a Central America region and the country of Belize is shown. That country was the British Honduras until 1973. It was then renamed to Belize.

Factual error: There is a shot of the exterior atomic test homes where we see child dummies playing on a slip-n-slide. That toy was not introduced by Wham-O until 1961.

Factual error: In the scene when Indy and Mutt are flying to Peru, a Pan American Aircraft is shown. It is an Antonov AN-2. Pan Am never flew this Russian aircraft! Also, the shot is backwards; the writing on the aircraft (airline name and registration) read backwards.

Factual error: The amphibious vehicle the Soviets have is a GAZ-46. When Karen Allen is driving it, the vehicle is automatic (two pedals), but the GAZ-46 was manual (clutch, gas, brake).

Factual error: On the scene where they are at the cemetery in Nazca, they show the Nazca lines right off the cemetery. These lines are so big that you need to be in a plane to actually see them. They are about 8 kms long each, and from the top of the hill in the movie they show at least three of them.

Factual error: During the fight in the rocket engine testing facility the countdown timer is of a type with electronic digital numbers. In 1957 the countdown timer would have been of a type of flipping numbers, which are mechanically changed as the timer counts down. See films like Fail Safe and Goldfinger for such clocks or timers. LED's weren't even invented until 1962.

Factual error: Indy's son, Mutt, has a motorcycle with a front disc brake. You can see the master cylinder on the handlebars. Not available in 1957.

Revealing: In the scene when Indy is getting decontaminated, a skin-colored piece is visible, which Indy is wearing during the procedure. This occurs during the moment when a helper uses a brush or a broom to decontaminate Indy's front.

Revealing: Right after Indy comes out of the refrigerator, after the nuke exploding, the scene changes to an airfield with two cars driving across the screen. These two cars are obviously CGI, as the first car turns, despite the wheels staying pointing straight.

Other: At the beginning of the movie, Indy is pulled out of a trunk. On a top down shot, we see his hat resting at an arm's length from his body (he's flat on his face). in the next shot, upon getting up, he has to walk 3 steps to reach it.

Visible crew/equipment: When the female Russian is climbing down the cliff you are able to see for a brief second the cable from the harness holding her up right next to the rope on which she is climbing down.

Visible crew/equipment: When Indy is tied to the chair and Spolka comes in to talk to him, in some shots of Spolka, to the lower left there is a crew member with headphones that is crouching down. He can only be seen in that shot of Spolka, but disappears in some of those as well.

Visible crew/equipment: In the beginning of the film when Indy uses his whip to disarm one of the Russians, when he "uses" his whip to pull the gun away, a wire can be seen on the end of the barrel to pull it up.

Continuity: At the beginning of the movie where Indy is talking to Spalko, his hands keep alternating between being in his pockets and just resting at his sides between shots.

Continuity: In the beginning, when the trucks are being stopped at the Army gate in Nevada, one of the guards raises the bar immediately, but in a new shot, it is down and stopping the cars from continuing.

Continuity: When Indy escapes on the rocket powered cart, it is slowed down by a lot of sand on the tracks, but in the next shot all the sand has disappeared.

Continuity: After Indiana and team fall off the disappearing stairs, they are walking around in the water. But when they step through the next door into the treasure room, all are completely dry.

Continuity: When Mutt slams his fist on the table in the Diner the Ketchup and Mustard bottles fall over, the shot pans to Indiana's back and the bottles are standing up again, he tells Mutt to sit down, the camera pans back to Mutts back and the bottles are as they were after Mutt slammed the table and Indiana picks them both up.

Continuity: In the scene where Indiana Jones is locked in the chair in the Russian camp there is a reel to reel tape machine running to Indy's left. When you first see it the tape on the left is low, then when Irina Spalko walks in she goes over to it and flicks a switch - as the camera moves out the tape on the left hand reel is suddenly nearly equal to the one on the right.

Continuity: During the chase with Mutt and Indy in the beginning, the bus goes from next to them in one shot to behind them in another.

Continuity: When Indy and Mutt meet in the diner, the spoon on the table changes its position between shots.

Continuity: In the beginning of the film, when the Russians are talking to Indy, his shirt is tucked, then in another shot it's untucked, then it's tucked again. This continues for about 3-5 shots.

Continuity: In the beginning, when Indy's hat is thrown out of the trunk it faces 9 o'clock, but when Indy stretches to pick it up, half a second afterwards, it faces the 12 o'clock direction.

Continuity: Indy's mostly buried in the quick sands and he is handed a snake. Half a second later, when he has just managed to grab it he isn't buried as deeply.

Continuity: The Russians arrive at the Nevada base and salute the guards. The one on the far right is very close to the barrier, next to where the corner of the house is; half a second later he is several meters behind and walking towards the barrier again.

Continuity: Indy's head position and hairstyle keeps changing in the shots after the test jet comes to a stop.

Continuity: The drawing that Ox makes in front of Indy differs between shots: Watch the shape of the sun.

Continuity: Before Indy finds the crystal skull the mummy's head has a piece of cloth on its forehead. In a wide shot immediately afterwards this cloth disappears.

Continuity: In the fight seen between the two jeeps, you can tell when Mutt's stunt man is in the shot because he has curly hair.

Continuity: When Indiana and Mutt are in the diner, notice the coffee cup Indy has on the table. In one shot, he has it in his hand. In another, his hand is not on it. This happens twice with the different camera angles.

Continuity: After the main characters have been thrown out of the "lost city" by the rapidly rising waters, they are completely soaked (quite natural, as they were submerged in the well). But after everything dies down, all of the characters' hair and clothes are bone dry.

Continuity: When Indy is held captive in the Soviet's tent, Mac enters and they have a conversation. Indy then turns his head to his left, looking straight at Mac. Just before Indy makes his threat about what he'll do to Mac when he gets loose, there is an angle change, and Indy is suddenly staring straight ahead, with no time to turn his head in between shots. He then turns his head back to look Mac in the face again.

Continuity: Right at the start when the Russians pull Mac out of the car, they throw Indy's hat on the ground and there is a close-up shot of it where you can see Mac's feet right next to it. It then cuts to a relatively wide bird's-eye shot over the car as it is surrounded by Russian soldiers and there is nobody near the hat - Mac isn't even in the shot.

Continuity: In the diner scene between "Indy" and "Mutt," Indy's shirt collar points are smooth under his jacket lapel in some close-up shots, but in others one of the collar points is curled up.

Continuity: At the end of the movie, when Mutt is standing in the aisle of the church holding a camera to take a picture of the wedding party, the door blows open, and Indy's hat blows down the aisle. Mutt bends over to pick it up, and the camera is suddenly gone from his hands.

Continuity: During the chase above the waterfall, the assault boat has its machine gun snapped off. When the assault boat goes over the waterfall the gun is visible again for a few seconds. The gun is gone when they get to the bottom.

Continuity: When Indy's in the tent facing the skull with his hands tied, his hands are either clenched fists or open depending on the shot.

Continuity: In a close-up, Indy removes the mask from one of the mummified corpses, and is holding it about a foot away from the corpse's face. Then we change to a shot from further away, and Indy is holding the mask three or four feet away from the corpse's face.

Audio problem: Mac leaves a tracer that beeps, but inside the temple, where he has left several tracers behind, no sound is heard.

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