Old Star Trek Cast compared to New Star Trek Cast

by Joey Paur

Venkman here - The geeks from Cinamaroll.com put together a comparison between the old Star Trek cast and the new Star Trek cast. This is to give people and Star Trek Fans an idea of what to expect. Its pretty interesting. At first I wasn't to sure how the casting would work, but after seeing the following side by side pic's you can tell they put allot of thought into the casting and did a great job. It seems inspired. I honestly think that J.J. Abrams is going to put something really amazing together for this Star Trek movie. I would like to think it is going to shock the hell out of people. Since I have no expectations for this film I expect it to be incredible!

Yes this works.

See I wasn't sure about this casting choice at first, but I am sure he can pull it off well. As long as he doesn't act like he acts in the other movies he has been in.

I like this choice. Anton is an amazing actor he been great on film since 'Hearts in Alantis'.

I love this choice! Simon is going to bring a whole new element to this character!

I don't know why but this is the one choice I am still not really sold on yet. We'll see what he does with it.


I honestly can't believe the similarities! I'm sold on this choice.

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