Man POV: Sex and the City - The Movie "Foot-faced Fun!"

by bobneek

I dreaded the thought of writing this review like I dreaded the thought of watching this movie. When I saw the preview awhile back, my girlfriend nudged my arm. I knew what that meant, and I thought, "Why God? Why?". I also instantly knew that I'd be watching it on opening night. My girl couldn't be the only one in her own circle of friends to not see it ASAP. But I dreaded the thought of writing this review because I actually enjoyed the movie. I'd rather watch a million other things before I watch a second of New York's (female) finest at their best. But I was actually entertained for it's full 2 hours and fifteen minutes of screen time.

Maxim named Sarah Jessica Parker the "Unsexiest Woman" in show biz last year. I, and the rest of the male population, couldn't agree more. But to the shows female fans, shes an icon goddess thing. Things haven't changed since the Maxim issue hit newsstands, she didn't get any hotter, and she hasn't lost her sense for designer labels.

As I stood in one of the many, many lines for the different showtimes of this "event", I couldn't help but feel like i was in line for the latest Hollywood hot spot. An endless sea of girls dressed up in their Saturday night potato sacks and over the top footwear. The only other guys in line (six in all) wore the same look on their faces. Solemn and uncertain of the next few moments. It felt like and we were about to invade the shores of Normandy. And as soon as the first few notes of the theme song kicked off the movie, the deafening screams of the crowd only scared me further. I thought that I would be spending the next two hours of my life wishing that I was single, just so that I didn't have to watch this. But guess what? The movie was good.

When I think Sex and the City, I think of these crazy label obsessed girls using and abusing guys, only to laugh about it over Cosmos and Appletinis. Luckily, all of that was sorted out in the HBO series. The movie turns out to be a really well paced, zero filler, romantic comedy. It even comes close to jerking a few tears. In fact, the only cons are Jennifer Hudson (who thankfully exits the movie as fast as she enters it), and Cynthia Nixon's nipples and "national forest".

As "unsexy" as the well dressed cast is, the characters are all very likable. The movie also starts off by filling those unfamiliar with the show, in on what's going on. So if you haven't seen a second of the TV show (like me) you won't be lost. Great cast, great story, perverted comedy. The director put it all together well. I was expecting nothing but 2+ hours of hell. But walked out with a smile.

The funny part is, that as good as it was, I heavily doubt that I'll ever watch it again. For guys with girlfriends: It's a great romantic comedy that you only have to watch once. For straight single guys: Steer clear, or appear queer. For fans of the show: It delivers. Big time. (According to fans of the show).

-bob neek

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