Knights Templar Vs. Vampire Army!

by Joey Paur

Yes! Thats what I said! Universal has picked up a spec script for this crazy badass idea for a movie. Here is how Variety describes the story.

"Plot puts a horror spin on the famed organization of fighters from the Middle Ages, with the Knights Templar, fresh from the Crusades, forced to fend off an invading vampire army set on destroying the Holy Grail."

Producing the film is Timur Bekmambetov who has done movies such as 'Night Watch', 'Day Watch' and the upcoming 'Wanted'.

This is awesome! I have to admit I am really excited to see this movie. I've always liked the history of the Templars, but to add Vampires to the mix is a great spin. Like all movies I hope its done well and with amazing production value. This movie could be really kick ass.

Its Templars Vs. Vampires!!! How can you not love that idea!

-Dr. Venkman