Next TERMINATOR "PLUSH" and Padded PG-13

by Free Reyes

Variety Reports:
Producers at the Halcyon Co. say they aim to deliver a PG-13 movie to Warner Bros. for release on May 22, 2009... "Our merchandising program will be the largest to date for 'The Terminator,' " said Halcyon co-founder and co-CEO Derek Anderson... Halcyon has already launched Halcyon Games to create a "Terminator" game for release at the same time as the movie...

Some parallels have been drawn between what was done with the "Die Hard" series and how it's PG-13 flick was so profitable.

I really hate this new trend of these "event" movies. The studios can't put anything to risk. They cover there asses with merch and other lame tie-ins, and now it seems there bringing games into the mix even more. The "Terminator" game, I'm pretty sure is going to be a "Teen" and not a "Mature" game.

What's next... to keep the movie from being too dark all fighting will be in broad daylight... The terminators will only stun humans not kill them... The apocalyptic environments will have rounded corners and foam padding... Miley Cyrus will be introduced as John Conners daughter... Skynet just want's a hug and a cookie

We could rally around the director if he said "NO way it's gotta be R". But it's being directed by McG, nuff said i guess.

- Mazer

Terminator fans what do you think?