Two Face is Going to be Hard Core! - UPDATED part 2

by Joey Paur

I just read some interesting information on Two Face in the upcoming Dark Knight film and it is pretty amazing. Here is what I found out:

Harvey Dents face isn't only scarred, the acid will have eaten away part of is face. Its described as "very organic decay" and is really nasty looking. For example the flesh aorund his mouth is gone. This may be reason why we have not scene him yet, because its just to hardcore for publicity. But! There is a rumor that the next Dark Knight trailer to hit will show a glimpse of Two Face.

I can only imagine what this will look like. But with the way the new batman films have been going we should have known it was going to be a pretty amazing and dark design.

I hope this is true! I hate the pics I've seen up online even though they are fake.

-Dr. Venkman


This image is from the newest trailer - time code 2:03 - Crispy!?!?

- Mazer


Here is the other side! This could be a fake. I don't know if it is its the best one I've seen so far. I don't think it is a finished product if it is real and from what I've read it's concept art. What ever the case it looks like a pretty kick ass design. The picture speaks for itself.

-Dr. Venkman

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