Warner Bros Picks up "The Ditch"

by Joey Paur

This is a action/Sci Fi spec script. The guy that wrote is Sascha Penn is a music video, documentary producer.  So I'm not sure where is talents lay in film. So whats it about? Variety reports:

"Set in the future, a super maximum-security prison has been constructed on Jupiter's moon where Earth's worst criminals are incarcerated. When a prison guard's family is taken hostage, he is coerced into helping the facility's most notorious terrorist, a man who was scheduled to be executed that day, escape."

I don't think its a bad idea, but if it's written badly or made badly it could be the last movie Penn makes.  I hope it works out for everybody. It's not a remake so thats good. It would be cool to see a nice little sci fi film with an original idea make it in todays remake, sequel, already exsisting property world of Hollywood.

-Dr. Venkman



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