GTA IV & Iron Man Kill Recent Marketing Myth

by Free Reyes

Last year Hollywood pegged their declining box office receipts on a new "annoyance" namely large Video game releases.

CVG Reported Then:

Film executives are blaming Halo 3 for lower than expected October Box Office numbers, which on the weekend of the 5th were down a whopping 27 percent from the same time last year.

Many film executives, reports Advertising Age, are convinced that punters stayed indoors to play Master Chief’s latest, which let’s not forget broke all box office records by making $170 million on its first day. It’s now gone on to sell well over $300 million.

Ben Stiller’s new offering, The Heartbreak Kid (which cost $60 million to make) was expected to clear $20 million in its opening weekend, instead it made only $14 million. Execs blame the Chief.

But now with Iron Man bringing in over 100 million domestically, and GTA IV being released a week earlier. Their excuses are starting to sound thin... Is it really video games... or just limp movies

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