'Grand Theft Auto IV' breaks all Records!

by Joey Paur

GTA IV has beat the crap out of 'Halo 3' and devestated 'Pirates of the Carribean: At Worlds End' making it the biggest baddest opening week EVER for any entertainment product. EVER. What is the number you ask? It only did: $500,000,000!!!!!!!! Holy hell! If your wondering Halo 3 made $300 Million, and Pirates made $404 million.

"'Grand Theft Auto IV's' first week performance represents the largest launch in the history of interactive entertainment, and we believe the retail sales levels surpass any movie or music launch to date," Take-Two executive chairman Strauss Zelnick said in a statement.

Thats pretty amazing. I will say this though! Had 'Halo' been released on both the Xbox 360 AND the PS3 like GTA IV the Halo numbers may have surpassed $500 million. Hey look Microsoft! you could have made more money!

I've been playing the game and its pretty good. The world is just so big and you feel it when you play. Its fun to play. There is just so much to do I don't think I will ever finish the game. I have kids so I can't really play it that much in front of them, and if they end up coming in the room while I am playing I will go bowling or play darts until they leave. Of course when I go bowling and play darts all of a sudden they want to play to. My favorite part of the game is when I crash head on with something and I go flying through the windshield. It gets me every time.

-Dr. Venkman



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