5 Reasons you are going to Love the New 'HULK' Movie!

by Joey Paur

If you are worried about the new Hulk movie and think it is not going to work or be good. If your disappointed or concerned that it is to soon, here are 5 reasons why you need not worry, and why you are going to love the new 'Hulk' movie.

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5) The Actual Hulk shows up within the first 3 minutes of the film! Hell yeah! No origin story here folks. Bruce is infected from the start of the film. You don't have to get through half the movie before The Hulk starts kicking ass.

4) The script is great. I read it a few months back and it's as solid as a script can get. The story is full of emotion and light humor. It is a character study on Bruce Banner and how he so badly wants to find a cure for his Hulkness.

3) Look who's in the damn movie! Edward Norton one of the greatest actors of our time. Tim Roth, the only bad thing he's done is ‘Planet of the Apes', but he's an amazing actor! Then there is Liv Tyler, I mean common! It's Liv Tyler! And William Hurt, he is a fantastic actor. It's hard to go wrong with a cast like this.

2) The final fight scene between Hulk and Abomination... take a breath... is 26 minutes long! Yes, I will repeat that, it's 26 minutes long! Holy Hell! That is going to be one amazing fight. It will beat out the final fight in Iron Man. Here is what the director says you will see in this fight from an interview he gave with empireonline,

So you get 26 minutes of two monsters pummeling each other through New York City, jumping up and down, ripping helicopters from the sky and stuff. You know, lots of green blood on the street, splashed all around...Some humans try to get out of the way but no, they can't... there's a little bit of collateral damage! (Laughs) There's a bit of a body count. Not on account of the Hulk - the Hulk's a savior - but Blomsky is ruthless."

1) It's The Hulk! How can you not like The Hulk?! Is it to soon for a new movie? No. Artists have different interpretations. There wasn't just one Hulk story line in the Comics. It went through several different storytellers and artists. Making a movie on the green beast is no different; it's just way more expensive to make. Let the artists tell their story. It's going to be amazing!

Thats why you need to see the Hulk and that s why your going to love the hell out of it.

-Dr. Venkman

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