Review: Speed Racer Blows Venkman’s face off!

by Joey Paur

SPEED RACER WAS IN-FREAKIN-CREDIBLE!!!! Your crazy if you don’t want to go out and see this movie! I know a lot of people that have told me they “just aren’t interested in seeing it.” Well I say shame on you! You and anyone else that feels this way needs to see Speed Racer! This movie is the reason we go to the movies. It’s got everything. Drama, action, comedy, adventure, and a monkey.

There are a few things that really impressed me about this movie and hit me hard.

The acting in Speed Racer was fantastic! Everyone was at the top of their game for this movie. There was deep emotion embedded in every character. Even when they were over the top and campy that is just who the character was, and I loved it. Racer X and Trixie especially. Christina Ricci was like a real live cartoon, it was in her eyes. Each actor was the character they were supposed to be. I didn’t see Emile Hirsch I saw Speed. Everyone was pitch perfect.

The Style of this film is different than anything I have ever seen before. The look, the feel, the designs, the special effects were so amazing. The colors popped out like nothing has ever popped out before. The whole thing, every scene was a work of art and was non-stop eye candy.

The races were bloody insane but without the blood. I loved how they flowed and like Speeds mom said in the movie “watching him race was like watching a painter paint”, but with allot more adrenalin. Then there was this incredible fight scene in the movie that just made my jaw drop, just the way it was filmed mixed with the effects looked so cool.

What I liked most about this movie was how it made me feel when I watched it. It made me feel like I was 10 years old again. There were points in the movie where I wanted to jump up and cheer! In fact I think I did at one point! This movie was made to bring out the kid in us. If you have forgotten what it was like to be a kid this movie will put it in perspective for you. If you are a kid or a big kid like I am, it will still have that effect on you. I just got home from seeing it and I am still feeling the head rush!

Final verdict, you have to see this fantastically amazing movie of awesomeness.


-Dr. Venkman

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