The World will end by the paws of Chihuahuas

by Billy Fisher

Something worse then the Black Plague has entered into my world.  The movie 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua'.  Most of you would say, "Why don't you ignore it and it will go away?".  In most cases this would be true but my animal loving wife has seen the trailer.  Certain death is upon me.

The trailer doesn't give you very much, just a song and dance routine by hundereds of Chihuahuas.  Apparently those Hollywood exec's know just how to hypnotize people, because when all of the song and dance was done, my wife was hooked and informed me that we are going to be viewing this cinematic treasure.

The run down of the plot is this:  A spoiled Chihuahua from Beverly Hills (voiced by Drew Barrymore) goes with her owners to Mexico City for a vacation.  By some evil twist of fate she is seperated from her family and ends up lost in the streets with nowhere to go.  While trying to survive she meets Papi (George Lopez) who shows her that there is more to life than spas and Rodeo Drive.

Some of my favorite actors have signed on to this film.  Such as Andy Garcia, Edward James Olmos and Luis Guzman.  Hopefully they will be the antidote to the poison that this movie is bound to inject into my blood stream.  Don't get me wrong, I think this will be a great kids movie.  I think that it will send a great message to children that materialism in no way is a virtue.  And kids will find humor in the movie itself, but what is killing me is that they have cast two of my mortal enemies in it.  George Lopez and Paul Rodriguez.  These men aren't funny and I think that we should send them off to an island where they can be unfunny together. 

In conclusion, there will be a dark cloud following me around called Beverly Hills Chihuahua.  Let me know what you think.

-R.P. McMurphy

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